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Canada Vacation?
  LikeASet, Feb 18 2016

Gonna go to Canada this May for a 4-ish day vacation with a few buddies, probably thinking about going to Vancouver. Not trying to spend too much money as I'll probably be going on another vacation in the summer for just me and my girlfriend.

Just need ideas on places to go, things to see/do, foods to eat, etc. please :o

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Reality check, Agression, balls, swings
  LikeASet, Oct 10 2015

Last night playing at my local card room, 2/5 most people at the table sitting 1500+ deep, floorman gets called in next to take the new open seat at the table. Friendly guy, bald white middle aged father looking like the typical run of the mill middle class dad, wearing a mickey mouse sweater. Played with him several times before but the thing was he was always playing with house money because he would play during his shifts if the game was close to breaking. At first when this guy sat down he bought in for 500$ about 3 times i think and ran into 3 bad beats then something is this guy switched. He started iso'ing big, squeezing pretty often (like 240 preflop when like people call 30-40 preflop), making bottom pair calls (vs fish which ended up being good), big turn raises, etc. and he must have swung back up like 3-4k. While he was playing pretty agrro I started to feel like there was the fish, and then I became more like a baby shark, and then there this killer whale. There was a huge dynamic between the floor man and this one recreational fish and one reg fish who were all ateast 1.5k deep.

Somethings I learned, got reinforeced that night. Floor men aren't what they seem. Don't play so big that you started playing bad.. Shiet I kept spewing at my half ass attempts to bluff when the villains were close to folding but my bet sizes were on the pussy side relative to the pot.

Playing live games around 1k stacks effective is around my comfort zone. Once it starts to reach 1.5-2k stacks effective I start to become like a little girly and wet my panties. I think recently the highest bet I did as a pure bluff was only about 500-600. When someone makes it like 200 or something on the turn I doubt I'll have the balls to make it 700 without it being some sort of strong semi-bluff.

Ended up grinding up about 1700, then donking off like 1300 because I was being an idiot and playing for way too long being all tired and tilty.

Then to cap it all off I went to the 1k minimum buy-in 5/10 PLO game and played 6 handed, cuz I wasn't giving a shit about anything at the moment. Luckly nothing bad happened I just made like 300 bucks at the plo table, it was super late at night and we were all laughing at eachother cuz we were all playing like nit babies limping double suited aces and kings preflop.

Lol another side story a fellow reg at the casino who recently decided to grind plo exclusively was down about 50 bucks before plo broke. I then rail birded him as he went to the black jack table to get unstuck and he was eventually making 2500$ bets lol. Eventually he went to being down 50 to 4k lol. He's a degen but he'll be alright cuz he's an above average grinder that's skilled enough to play in the 5/10 games nl and plo,

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A year of live poker, goal?
  LikeASet, Oct 02 2015

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