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What's the most tiliting?
  LikeASet, Sep 15 2017

I don't know why I watch youtube videos of these that usually tilt the fk out of me and now I can't sleep.

- BLM/race baiters
- 3rd Wave Feminists
- People who actually want socialism
- SJW's trying to regulate free speech
- Fat Acceptance people
- Apologists for terrorists
- People who think white people are the devil (I'm Asian and people like this still tilt the fk out of me)

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baldur's gate?
  LikeASet, Sep 08 2017

sup nerds...

I've only played the first one, but it's one of my favorite games of all time.

I was thinking about getting Baldur's Gate the Complete Saga on Steam...

Worth it?

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If life was a game and money was points...
  LikeASet, Apr 03 2017

This is just a thought experiment.

If you had to start from nothing, and wanted to make a million dollars in the most efficient way possible without breaking any laws of course, what would you do in order to do so?

When I say nothing I don't really mean nothing like homeless bum. Let's take a typical person that would be on this site such as myself. Here is the hypothetical starting situation;

- Don't have to worry about current living situation, let's say you moved back in with the folks
- You have a college degree (I myself have a BS in Finance), but resume would only appeal to entry level positions
- You have a mind that is strong in logic, pattern recognition, and systematizing.
- You are a commute away from upper middle/upper class cities

When I think about this I imagine going a low variance route in which one obtains a typical administrative/salaried entry level position (40-60k USD/year), working a second job during evenings/weekends that is hobby-like (ex. piano lessons, in my case fitness training which would supply another 20-40k year), and then dumping excess income into real estate. I guess nothing unusual here.

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