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  LikeASet, Dec 05 2014

Recently there has been this guy, must be late 20's or early 30's in age, that has been coming to my casino. Seen him like 4 or 5 times and he's literally the nut worst player I've ever seen, and he behaves in a way that might make you question whether he was mentally handicap or not. He would literally ask for help taking chips out of the rack, stacking up the chips, and needed to be told 3 or 4 times each time there was a bet and the action was on him. The way he was playing was limping every single hand, not folding to any raise, and then donk betting every street for some small amount. If you raised him at any point post flop he was 3 bet bluff raise another 100 almost every time and you can literally stack this guy with any top pair. He would has bet big quite often as a pure bluff.

Took so much money from this dude.

Thank the gods for live poker.

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Poker Job?
  LikeASet, Nov 18 2014

So I'm about to apply for a position as a prop player for a local casino. The casino is about 10 minutes away and I plan on it being my main source of income until I finish my nursing classes. I will probably be playing mostly 3/6, 4/8 limit holdem, and 4/8 limit omaha hi-lo, with some 2/5 nl holdem. I have been told by a recent hire that the pay is 9$ + 15$, so basically 24$/hr while you're playing and probably 9$/hr while you're just waiting around.

I'm currently a part time personal trainer that get's paid 18$/hr + commission but kinda getting burnt out/tired of the job even though I love fitness and gains.

Would you guys go for the job? Do you see yourself being a slight winner, break even, or slight losing playing in a limit format? Is it reasonable to expect making 2bb's/hr on top of the hourly so basically 32$ ish per hour?

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players who...
  LikeASet, Aug 26 2014

are delusional and talk smack like they're the god of poker then they lose a pot and get all butt hurt, hammer fisting the table and criticizing other people's plays. Semi tilted after tonight's session playing significantly under my A-game and donking about 600$ to this idiot, and 400$ to other folks.

I hate people who can't take even the small losses at the table and cause an uncomfortable tension. Why does this fishy type of player have to be such pain in the asses at live games? It surprises how many of these people who probably have at least upper middle class income can act like such babies.


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