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players who...
  LikeASet, Aug 26 2014

are delusional and talk smack like they're the god of poker then they lose a pot and get all butt hurt, hammer fisting the table and criticizing other people's plays. Semi tilted after tonight's session playing significantly under my A-game and donking about 600$ to this idiot, and 400$ to other folks.

I hate people who can't take even the small losses at the table and cause an uncomfortable tension. Why does this fishy type of player have to be such pain in the asses at live games? It surprises how many of these people who probably have at least upper middle class income can act like such babies.


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live poker vent
  LikeASet, May 12 2014

Up about 15k since feb but month of may is being really shitty, currently around -2900 for the month and half of it is due to shitty play. I need to add more structure and discipline to this craft of grinding live poker, I'm playing for way too long, making poor decisions, playing way too wide when I'm card dead or slightly tilted and I'm not taking good care of myself health wise.

Time to turn this thing around...

Plan for summer, while working part time (25ish hrs per week);
play 40 hrs of live poker per week minimum,
end sessions earlier when starting to get tired, tilted, table becomes poor
get back to working out 4-5 times per week
cook 90% of food at home minimum
improve on relationship with gf, (spend more time together, etc.

long term live poker goal is still trying to average 30$ hr for at least a year sample

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limit games beatable?
  LikeASet, May 05 2014

a lot of the time if im wait-listed for my local nl holdem game i'll play limit holdem or limit plo hi lo. the stakes for these games range from 3/6-4/8 with kill pots that increase the blinds 50% for the following hand. I was just wondering if that even if the player pool is the baddest of the bad, with a 4$ rake is the game slightly winnable or should you expect to be just losing money slowly over time with these limit games?

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