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If life was a game and money was points...
  LikeASet, Apr 03 2017

This is just a thought experiment.

If you had to start from nothing, and wanted to make a million dollars in the most efficient way possible without breaking any laws of course, what would you do in order to do so?

When I say nothing I don't really mean nothing like homeless bum. Let's take a typical person that would be on this site such as myself. Here is the hypothetical starting situation;

- Don't have to worry about current living situation, let's say you moved back in with the folks
- You have a college degree (I myself have a BS in Finance), but resume would only appeal to entry level positions
- You have a mind that is strong in logic, pattern recognition, and systematizing.
- You are a commute away from upper middle/upper class cities

When I think about this I imagine going a low variance route in which one obtains a typical administrative/salaried entry level position (40-60k USD/year), working a second job during evenings/weekends that is hobby-like (ex. piano lessons, in my case fitness training which would supply another 20-40k year), and then dumping excess income into real estate. I guess nothing unusual here.

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Retiring from Poker
  LikeASet, Jan 18 2017


Long story short, grinding live poker is not worth it dudes unless you got these conditions;
- You at least have a consistent, close by juicy live game that plays like 2/5 or higher
- The success of the games is not significantly relevant to your quality of life, if it is it's just not going to be worth the stress
- You're already spending time in your life that are propelling you towards financial freedom like a lucrative career or investments
- You don't already have a solid foundation of health and fitness

Based on the games I've seen maybe If you played your A game, maybe, just maybe you can have 60-80k years being a full time grinder at low stakes live games 1/2 - 5/10. I'm also pretty aware that even that is thinking optimistically. One should also be aware that trying to achieve this is almost going to be like work a job with a graveyard shift which in most cases is not good for your health so you should it's really not worth it unless you make atleast 120k$ or higher just so you can the ability to take long breaks and try to retire early.

For me personally poker in general is just not a good thing to do if you "have" to do it. It just sucks out all the fun out of it, makes me play worst, I don't know why I don't have as much patience as I used to, maybe because I'm old dude now that could have been in a farther place in life than I am right now, but hey that's a whole different story.

Basically to all you young folks, beware of the poker life. Don't do it to fulfill any monetary goal, just do it if it's a pure hobby. There's so many careers out there that can allow you to actually help people and if you're smart with your money along the way, you can actually retire in like 20 years at age 45-50, or just go down to part-time which is what I'll hopefully be doing.

A little about myself I'm freaking 29 and still only about to start nursing school which will take me another 2 years of schooling before I can land a gig. I want to do it because it's a career path where I can benefit society, make better than average income (average 120k in my region), have a flexible schedule (only work 2 to as many days as I want per week), and have good security and to move to another location and a job if I wanted to. While I'm a nurse I want to establish a fitness studio/small gym or two to generate passive income so that I can live a very comfortable life and basically be able to not be those parents that have to work all the time and not get to spend time with their kids.

I could have been a nurse when I was 23-25 instead of 31 but hey, I try every day to not focus on the past. Can't change the fact that I've done goofed a good portion of my 20's. I hope all of you guys out there try to not worry to much about any regrets and worry about what others think about you. Life's too short to worry about not following a typical life path and not "being on schedule." (ie. having a career at age X and having kids at age Y etc.). If you any of you guys feel down about any sort of stuff like this just have the mindset that I try to have.

Every day is an opportunity to do things that bring you fulfillment and happiness.

Maybe I'll end up editing this one too ha

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Canada Vacation?
  LikeASet, Feb 18 2016

Gonna go to Canada this May for a 4-ish day vacation with a few buddies, probably thinking about going to Vancouver. Not trying to spend too much money as I'll probably be going on another vacation in the summer for just me and my girlfriend.

Just need ideas on places to go, things to see/do, foods to eat, etc. please :o

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